*ST Zhongrun (Rights Protection) announced on May 20 that the company recently discovered that its bank account had been frozen by the Intermediate People's Court of Jinan City, Shandong Province due to multiple small lawsuits. This time it was frozengamefistakingThere are basic accounts and general accounts in bank accounts, which have a certain impact on the company's capital operation, operation and management. After careful judgment, the company believes based on the principle of prudence that the situation in which major bank accounts are frozen touches Article 9 of the Stock Listing Rules of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Revised in August 2023)gamefistakingAccording to the provisions of Item (6) of Article 8.1, other risk warnings will be superimposed on the company's stock trading. After adding other risk warnings this time, the company's stock abbreviation is still "*ST Zhongrun", the company's stock code is still "000506", and the company's stock price limit on trading days is still 5%. This time, other risk warnings are superimposed, and the company's shares will not be suspended.

(Article source: Interface News)

gamefistaking| *ST Zhongrun: The freezing of the company's main bank account touches other risk warnings