Gelonghui May 20 丨APOLLO Travel (00860tabletopvideopokermachine.HK) Announcementtabletopvideopokermachine, Mei Yihe resigned as company secretary and chief financial officer due to personal reasons and no longer served as Rule 3 of the Listing Rules.tabletopvideopokermachine.05 and authorized representatives who receive legal process and notices on behalf of the company in Hong Kong under Part 16 of the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622 of the Laws of Hong Kong) shall take effect from the same date. Wu Zhuojun has been appointed as company secretary, chief financial officer, authorized representative and agent for legal process documents with effect from May 20, 2024.

tabletopvideopokermachine| APOLLO Travel (00860.HK): Wu Zhuojun was appointed as company secretary and financial director

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