Reported on May 21, according to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosure on May 20videopokerpayoutsbycasino$Fastly $director Bergman Artur issued a statement on May 16 and 17 at an average price per share of 8videopokerpayoutsbycasino.84 Sold 1videopokerpayoutsbycasino.230,000 common shares, with a value of approximately US$108,900.

videopokerpayoutsbycasino| Fastly(FSLY.US) directors sold 12,300 common shares worth approximately US8,900

Photo source: SEC official website

What is a shareholding change statement?

The SEC requires insiders of listed companies to publicly disclose their securities transactions and shareholdings.videopokerpayoutsbycasinoWhen the shareholding changes, depending on different circumstances, a shareholding change statement needs to be submitted to the SEC within a certain time after the transaction closes.

Insiders include company directors and executives, as well as any shareholder who owns 10% or more of the company's outstanding shares.