remoteworkbingo| The trend of pro-price sentiment in the manganese-silicon-manganese ore market continues, and space under chemical coke is limited

Last week, the manganese and silicon market operated strongly. Hegang Group's price of silicon and manganese in May was 8000 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan/ton from the first round of inquiries and 2000 yuan/ton month-on-month increase in April; the mining volume was 8080 tons, a significant decrease from the previous month. Manganese ore supply and demand are tightremoteworkbingoThe trend remains strong under the atmosphere of, but port resources can still meet manufacturers 'production. News about the repair of Australian terminals has spread in the market. Spot transactions have cooled down, fear of heights has been released on the market, and the trading atmosphere has become empty. Looking at this week: In terms of costs, the manganese ore market continues to support prices, space under chemical coke is limited, and bottom support for manganese and silicon still exists. In terms of supply, the majority of manufacturers resuming production in Guangxi are currently in Guilin, but they can only maintain one shift of production, and the increase in output is limited. Yunnan has recently purchased a large number of Myanmar mines due to its geographical advantages. Combined with the approaching flood period, the profit margin is still good. There are many manufacturers resuming production, and the output has increased significantly month-on-month. The start-up of manufacturers in the north has little fluctuation, and the supply of manganese and silicon has increased significantly. In terms of industry, the recent restricted positions and the impact of Australian news have led to a major correction in the market. Traders 'wait-and-see attitude has increased, manufacturers' confidence has dropped, low-priced goods in the market have increased, and the focus of transactions has shifted downward. A number of positive terminal conditions boosted the sector, and the black chain was significantly repaired. However, the manganese and silicon market was driven by costs in the early stage, and the market was independent of the sector. The increase was too large. Moreover, the market was worried that subsequent output would rebound too quickly and negative prices, and the market continued to be weak. Strategic recommendations: SM2409 contract rallied and fell back. In terms of operation, it is recommended to treat it with wide-ranging fluctuations in the short term. Pay attention to the sustainability of the recovery of molten iron, and please pay attention to risk control.

Researcher: Cai Yuehui

Futures qualification number: F0251444

Futures investment consulting certificate number: 20013101

Assistant Researcher: Li Qiurong

Futures qualification number: F03101823


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