Fenghuang Net Technology News On May 21, Weibo blogger "Emu Zoo" issued a document accusing Xiaomi of being unable to install air conditioners on doors. In response, Xiaomi officially issued a document stating that some of the issues reported by users were inconsistent with our service records. After investigation, the service processes and charging standards of Xiaomi outlets are in compliance and reasonable.

megaslots| Big V accuses Xiaomi of inability to install air conditioners. Official response: Services and charges are compliant and reasonable

Xiaomi officials said that in this incident, Xiaomi's offline service team not only showed professionalism and care as much as possible during the installation process, but also took the initiative to providemegaslotsA series of value-added services were provided, including taking the initiative to bear a 100-yuan logistics return fee for large items, and also helping repair a radiator failure at home.