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Luxury brand LVMH has signed a five-year cloud computing contract with Alibaba Cloud to accelerate technological innovation.

videopokerbooks| LVMH joins hands with Alibaba Cloud: Five-year cloud computing strategic cooperation Five-year cloud service contract: LVMH joins hands with Alibaba Cloud for technological innovation

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Luxury goods giant LVMH and Alibaba Cloud join hands to create a new era of cloud computing

Global luxury goods market leader LVMH Group signs a contract with cloud computing giant Alibaba CloudvideopokerbooksA five-year in-depth cooperation agreement has been signed to improve LVMH's digitalization level through Alibaba Cloud's cloud infrastructure and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence.

According to the agreement, Alibaba Cloud will provide LVMH with a series of comprehensive technical services including big data analysis, intelligent customer service and large model communication.

This move not only reflectsvideopokerbooksLVMH Group's active embrace of technological innovation also marks the further expansion of Alibaba Cloud's market influence in the luxury goods industry.