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Overseas Network, May 21 According to a report by the Russian Sputnik News Agency, on May 20 local time, U.S. Congressman Thomas Massey said during an interview that he was tired of inflation taxes.crashbandicootctrps4Some countries may give up holding dollars.

"The whole world holds dollars, so when we devalue the dollar, we are not just taxing our own people, we are taxing the world," Massey said. He went on to say that the rest of the world was tired of this approach and that when they started trading in alternative currencies, the United States would not be able to use this tactic against anyone.

crashbandicootctrps4| US congressman: Countries tired of inflation taxes may give up holding dollars

Last week, Massey proposed a bill to audit and abolish the Federal Reserve, citing its impact on inflation. Massey believes that the Federal Reserve devalued the dollar and implemented a free monetary policy that led to high inflation. (Overseas Network Li Meng)