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The Han-to-Wei River diversion project will supply Xi'an Heihe River to a new high on May 24respin123slot, up to 86respin123slot.4,000 cubic meters, accounting for 40% of Xi'an's daily water, effectively improving water safety.

respin123slot| Water Diversion Project from Han to Wei River: Xi'an Heihe River Daily Water Supply reaches 864,000 cubic meters

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[The water supply volume of the Han-to-Wei River Diversion Project reaches a new high, ensuring water safety in Xi'an] On May 24, the daily water supply volume of the national key water conservancy project-the Han-to-Wei River Diversion Project to the Xi'an Heihe Water Diversion System reached 864,000 cubic meters, exceeding the daily water supply of Xi'an City. 40%, setting a new record since the project's initial water supply. This move marks a comprehensive upgrade of water security in Xi'an City and provides solid support for the sustainable development of the city.