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People in most areas of Henan Province are busy harvesting wheat, garlic and other crops.SabikiThe stock of raw materials is not large.SabikiCompared with the previous period, the buying and selling atmosphere improved, the quotation of Baisha in some areas was slightly raised, the trend of big peanuts remained stable, and the actual transaction was still negotiated.

Nanyang City Shiqiao Town wheat stubble white sand currency rice harvest 4Sabiki.7 or so, select rice newspaper 5 on 8 sieveSabikiAround .05, the supply is small, the buying and selling atmosphere has improved slightly, and the price of finished products has increased slightly.

Nanyang Xinye Shayan Baisha 8 sieve on the selected rice about 4.95-5.0, a small amount of inventory transactions, the price is strong

The rice yield of white sand wheat stubble in Zhengyang District of Zhumadian City is about 4.4-4.5, the selected rice on 8 sieves is about 4.9-4.95, and 7-8 medium rice is about 4.6, the farm is busy continuously, the trading volume is generally small, and the price is stable.

The price of Baisha currency in Xinyang Minggang is about 4.4-4.55, 8 sieve milled rice 4.9-5.0, 7-8 milled rice about 4.5, the demand is general, the price is strong

The yield of rice in Kaifeng Lankaohua Yu mixed rice stubble is about 4.5, and the selected rice on 8 sieves is about 5.05. The volume of goods is small, the goods are general, and the price does not fluctuate obviously.

The price of Yulu flower in Zhongmou Huangdian market is about 4.5, and the selected rice on 8 sieves is about 5.0. The transaction is deserted and the price is stable.

In the civil rights area of Shangqiu City, the total income of Huayuda miscellaneous rice is about 4.5, 7 sieve milled rice is about 4.9, 8 sieve milled rice is about 5.0, the transaction is improved, and the price is stable.

sabiki| First-line quotation from the production area on May 25

Shantang Town, Hebi City, Tianfu three deflation meters charge about 4.45, mixed fruit about 3.15, small Japanese ginkgo price about 3.25, small stock volume, second rice purchase price about 4.0, the transaction is gradually coming to an end, sporadic trading volume, quotation for reference only

The traditional rice harvest in Yanjin, Xinxiang, is about 4.75,28ppb 30 10600, 30max 34 10400, 34max 38 10200, wheat has entered the harvest period, most vendors have stopped work and harvest, only a few vendors put out a small amount of stock, the quotation is for reference only.

The volume of goods loaded in Liaoning production areas is not large, the demand for goods has increased, the transaction has been accelerated, the price-raising mentality of the holder is slightly obvious, and the quotation in some areas is slightly strong.

Xingcheng Hongyazi Huayu 23 (commonly known as small Japan) is about 4.7-4.73 millet, 3.3-3.4 millet, 3.4-3.5 ginkgo, 4.0-4.3 universal selection fruit, 4.7 quality selected fruit, more than 60 carts of goods, and more than 60 carts. The transaction is accelerated and the price is firm.

Changtu Qijiazi 308 Baisha rice harvest is about 4.6-4.75, 8 sieves are selected about 5.05-5.1, 35MB is about 5.2, 308 color selection is about 4.25, rice harvest is about 4.9, fruit selection is about 4.4, the price is slightly strong, the buyer can replenish the stock properly, and the transaction is OK.

The yield of 308 Baisha rice in Liaozhong District of Shenyang is about 4.6-4.7, the milled rice on 8 sieves is about 5.0-5.1, the currency fruit is about 3.3, the price is strong, and the transaction is general.

The harvest of 308 Baishatong rice in Zhangwu area of Fuxin is about 4.6-4.7, the milled rice on 8 sieves is about 5.0-5.1, and the size of 35MB is about 5.15. The transaction speed up slightly and the price is generally stable.

Beizhen Xutun 308 Baishatong rice harvest is about 4.6-4.7, 8-sieve selected rice 5.05-5.1, peanuts 3.4-3.5, the stock volume is small, the transaction is OK, and the price is stable.

Henan Fengsheng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

Main: high oleic acid peanut cultivation, all kinds of peanut purchase, classification screening processing, 100000 tons warehousing, cold chain logistics trade, with three advanced raw material processing production lines, can meet the different needs of food, export and domestic markets for raw material supply, supply a variety of grade peanuts, specifications peanuts, oil peanuts. Peanut delivery factory warehouse designated by Zheng Shang.

Contact: Ji Hongtao

Address: Jun County, Hebi City, Henan Province

Shandong Chunlei Peanut Co., Ltd.

Main products: perennial supply of local plastic film Baisha, plastic film Luhua 8, plastic film sea flower, plastic film hybrid rice, Jilin Weihua 8, small Japan, Sijiehong, Liaoning Baisha and other varieties of selected rice, various specifications of peanuts, perennial operation of African imported rice, American imported rice, mainly supply oil plants, wholesale markets, food processing enterprises, etc., new thousand-ton cold storage can provide customers with generation storage business.

Contact: song Chunlei

Address: Dongguo town, Tengzhou city, Shandong province

Shandong Weifang Yishan Peanut processing Factory

Main products: Baisha series selected rice, supermarket Milu flower selected rice, special rice for food factory, 50amp 60, 60max 70 and other specification rice, Baisha Shuangren fruit, etc., with an annual processing capacity of more than 15000 tons

Contact: Gao Weilong

Address: resident of Yishan town, Linyi county

Henan Kaifeng Renyi Peanut processing Factory

Main products: Yuhua, Luhua, Huayu and other export rice, selected peanuts, oil rice, ground sauce rice, food factory special rice

Contact: Luo Renyi

Add: Henan Kaifeng Tongxu Fengzhuang Peanut Market

Kaifeng Tianxiang Nuts Food Co., Ltd.

Main products: production of spicy peanuts, spicy peanuts, broad beans, green beans, melon seeds and other nuts

General manager: Shi Binqi

Address: Wan long Xiang Wan long Industrial Park, Xiangfu District, Kaifeng City, Henan Province

Henan Tanghe Zi Ruixin Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

Main products: various specifications of peanuts, wind selected peanuts, seed fruits, hand-picked fruits, corn, wheat, sorghum and other crops. Can be efficient and fast for customers to act as agents of motor transport, containers, wagons and other means of transport.

Contact: general Manager Zhao Yang

Address: Ma Zhenfu Xiang Mianyang Shan Cun, Tanghe County, Henan Province

Baoyu Peanut planting Professional Cooperative in Yanjin County

Main products: various specifications of rice, market rice, seed rice, oil, etc.

Contact: Qin Baoyu

Add: Qinzhuang village, Fengzhuang town, Yanjin county, Henan province