[Global Network Reporter Zhang Xiaoya] According to US media reports such as Newsweekwinstar4dslotU.S. President Biden reiterated his belief in Ukraine at the West Point Military Academy graduation ceremony on the 25th local timewinstar4dslotsupport and spoke out to attack Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden's remarks quickly aroused dissatisfaction from Russia. The Russian ambassador to the United States said Biden's words were "unacceptable" and that his attack on the Russian president "insulted the entire Russian people."

winstar4dslot| Biden attacked Putin in his speech at West Point Military Academy, and the Russian ambassador retaliated: insulting all Russian people!

According to Newsweek, Biden talked about the current conflicts facing the world in his speech, including the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. "We stand firmly with Ukraine, and we will stand with them." Biden went on to say,"We are facing a man I have known for many years." He also accused the Russian president of being "cruel" and said the United States "will not stand by."

In response to Biden's claims, Russia's Izvestia newspaper said that the Russian Embassy in the United States published Ambassador Antonov's remarks on the instant messaging software Telegram, saying,"I think that for any responsible politician, this kind of behavior is unacceptable, let alone a national leader. Defending ourselves at the expense of rude words and sacrificing our president's image reflects Washington's malice because Russia is challenging, in American terms, the 'rules-based world order'."

The report said Antonov also said that Biden "insulted all Russian people."

Previously, Biden had made similar insulting or offensive remarks against Putin many times. Reuters reported on February 22 this year that Biden made rude remarks to Putin at a fundraising event in San Francisco. Putin later responded with a smile when asked about the matter,"We are ready to cooperate with any US president. But I believe that Biden is the most suitable (U.S.) president for Russia for us, and judging from what he just said, I think that is absolutely correct." Earlier, a Kremlin spokesman said Biden's remarks belittled the United States. Peskov said,"The president of the United States uses this term to the head of another country, which is unlikely to violate the rights of our president, but disparages the person who uses these terms."