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Interface News reporter | long Li

As the market bottomed out and rebounded, private equity firms are also working hard to investigate recently.

According to Wind, 3100 private equity firms have conducted as many as 31954 surveys since the Shanghai index hit a low for the year, including 44.WawabingoThe number of surveys has exceeded 100, and the number of surveys conducted by the three most diligent private equity companies, namely, Tanshui Spring Investment, Zhengyuan Private Placement and Hongyun Private Placement, is as high as 442, 389 and 297 respectively. The number of surveys such as Gao Yi Asset, Harmony Huiyi Asset and Mingshi partner Private Placement is not less than 220.

Head private fundraisers are concerned about which votes.Wawabingo? According to Wind data, Interface News further combed the latest research of the 10 billion private equity companies with the highest number of surveys between February 5 and May 24.

Data show that the 10 billion private equity companies included in the statistics have conducted a total of 2014 surveys during this period, involving 768 stocks. According to the industry classification of Shenxian level, the above stocks are distributed in 29 different industries, among which the number of stocks in the pharmaceutical and biological industry is the largest, reaching 124, followed by the electronics industry, and the number of stocks surveyed is 119. The number of stocks surveyed in the mechanical equipment, computer and power equipment industries ranked third to fifth, respectively, 84, 64 and 58 respectively.

In terms of individual stocks, the most popular is Taotao Automobile Industry (301345Wawabingo.SZ), a total of 4 out of 10 billion private equity companies conducted a total of 28 surveys.

Taotao Automobile Industry is a state-level specialized and special small giant enterprise focusing on new energy intelligent travel. Its products mainly include intelligent electric low-speed vehicles and special vehicles, which are used for intelligent travel, leisure sports, special operations and so on. Committed to providing unlimited outdoor driving experience for consumers around the world. In 2023 and in the first quarter of this year, the company made a net profit of 2. 5%Wawabingo81 billion yuan and 50.87 million yuan, up 36.09% and 45.89% over the same period last year.

wawabingo| More than 400 times in more than three months, head private placement has worked hard to conduct research. Which votes have you paid attention to?

Since the intraday low of 43.1 yuan per share on February 2, the share price of Taotao Automobile Industry has ushered in a sharp rise, rising to 85.3 yuan per share in intraday trading on May 15, nearly doubling the range, but the stock price has fallen significantly recently. As of May 24, its latest closing price was 67.92 yuan per share.

Central Control Technology (688777.SH) in the last 3 months, nine of the 10 billion private equity companies participated in the survey, with a total of 22 surveys.

Central Control Technology is a leading global intelligent manufacturing solution provider, and is committed to the construction and landing application of the core competence of "AI+ data". It has served more than 30, 000 customers at home and abroad, covering dozens of key industries, such as chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, electric power, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, building materials, papermaking, new materials, new energy, food, etc. The company's core products are widely used in more than 50 countries and regions.

The net profit of China Control Technology has continued to grow in recent years, with the company's net profit growing by 37.42%, 37.18% and 38.08% respectively from 2021 to 2023, with a net profit of 145 million yuan in the first quarter of this year, an increase of 57.39% over the same period last year. However, after brushing an intraday high of 75.48 yuan per share on April 11, 2023, its share price began to fall rapidly, reaching 34 yuan per share in intraday trading on February 2 this year, and its latest closing price was only 41.79 yuan per share as of May 24.

New Industry (300832.SZ) and Anke Innovation (300866.SZ) recently ranked third in the number of 10 billion private equity surveys included in the statistics, both 17 times.

The new industry has focused on the in vitro diagnosis industry for 28 years, and has established four technical platforms: the research and development of nano-magnetic microspheres, the research and development of key raw materials of reagents, the research and development of automatic diagnostic instruments and diagnostic reagents according to the research and development needs of in vitro diagnostic products.

Guoxin Securities said in a recent research report that the domestic installation and reagent consumption of the new industry is expected to gradually recover, continue to benefit from import substitution and large terminal hospital breakthroughs; overseas business is in the stage of rapid growth. The company's instrument platform is expanding to the next generation of luminescence and biochemistry, forward-looking layout assembly line and molecular business. It is estimated that the net profit of homecoming in 2024-26 is 20.65 pounds 26.08 / 3.228 billion, a year-on-year increase of 24.9 percent, 26.3 percent and 23.8 percent.

Anke Innovation is a global well-known consumer electronics brand enterprise, covering charging energy storage, intelligent innovation, intelligent audio and video and other product categories.

In a recent research activity, Anke Innovation said that the company will continue to dig deep into the global business of consumer electronics segments. In the next three to five years, on the one hand, the company will always pay attention to user needs and technology change, hoping to seize the new wave of AI technology, and continue to deepen the product capabilities of existing categories and explore new categories; on the other hand, the company will continue to build capabilities in research and development, market, brand and organizational capabilities to create a platform for global intelligent hardware entrepreneurship and development.

In addition, Honghua Digital (688789.SH), No. 9 company-WD (689009.SH), China Science and Technology Chuangda (300496.SZ) and other 10 billion private equity companies recently included in the statistical scope of the number of research is also relatively large.

However, it should be noted that being investigated by tens of billions of private equity does not mean that individual stock prices will strengthen.

According to Wind data, of the 27 stocks of 10 billion private equity surveyed at least 10 times between Feb. 5 and May 24, only 13 have risen so far this year, accounting for less than half of the total.

Data sources: Wind, interface news collation