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crapscasinogame| China Resources Land Beijing Xibeiwang Vientiane Fair will open on May 31

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Opinion Network News: May 26 Newscrapscasinogame, China Resources Land's Beijing Xibeiwang Vientiane Hui will open on May 31.

As a much-anticipated shopping center in the northern part of Haidian, it is located on the A3 plot at the intersection of Yongfeng Road and Houchangcun Road and is located in the core area of Zhongguancun Science City. The total construction area of the project is approximately 6crapscasinogame.70,000 square meters and a commercial area of 40,000 square meters will create a commercial complex integrating shopping, fashion and leisure, entertainment and social networking, bringing new commercial vitality to the region.

It is reported that the project will introduce 228 brands, including major stores such as Vientiane Studios and Hema Xiansheng, as well as first-time brands in many regions. Scenes that blend with nature will also be created, such as HOOD PARK, a permanent skateboard park and Mufeng Plaza, a comfortable social space. At the same time, convenient services such as smart parking systems will also enhance customers 'shopping experience.