Zhitong Finance APP Newsthebigcatchmegaways, Kaizhong Shares (603037thebigcatchmegaways.SH) issued a plan to issue convertible corporate bonds to unspecified objects. The type of securities issued this time is convertible corporate bonds that can be converted into A shares of the company. The total amount of funds raised from the issuance of convertible corporate bonds to unspecified objects will not exceed 308 million yuan (inclusive). The net amount of funds raised after deducting issuance expenses will be used to invest in the following projects:

1. The Nantong production base expansion project plans to invest 218 million yuan in raised funds;2. Supplementing working capital, and plans to invest 90 million yuan in raised funds.

thebigcatchmegaways| Kaizhong Co., Ltd.(603037.SH) plans to issue convertible bonds to raise no more than 308 million yuan for Nantong production base expansion projects