Gelonghui May 20 丨 Guonong Financial Investment (08120freespinandcoinforcoinmaster.HK) announced that on May 20, 2024, the company entered into a placing agreement with the placing agent, pursuant to which the placing agent (as the company's agent) conditionally agreed to procure no less than six placees (they and them) on a best efforts basisfreespinandcoinforcoinmaster(the ultimate beneficial owner must be an independent third party) subscribe for up to 150,580,334 placing shares at the placing price of HK$0.045 per placing share.

freespinandcoinforcoinmaster| China Agricultural Financial Investment (08120.HK) plans to discount approximately 8.16% and place up to 150 million shares with a net raise of HK.48 million

The placing shares represent approximately 16.67% of the total number of issued shares as enlarged by the allotment and issue of the placing shares (assuming that there will be no change in the total number of issued shares from the date of this announcement to the completion date other than the issuance of the placing shares). The placing price is HK$0.045 per placing share, which represents a discount of approximately 8.16% to the closing price of HK$0.049 per share as quoted on the Stock Exchange on the date of the placing agreement; the net proceeds from the placing (after deducting placing commissions and other related expenses (including, among others, professional fees) in connection with the placing) are expected to be approximately HK$6.48 million, equivalent to a net issue price per placing share of approximately HK$0.043.

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